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LONG FORM:  Literary, Film & Web

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Mixed Gender Comedic Fiction
The Great Jackalope Stampede by Ann Charles (Audiobook Demo)
Vampire Assasin: Jane - Miss Bee
By Samantha Warren (Vampire Assasin Excerpt)
Narrator 3rd Person-Minimal Gender Mix-Miss Bee
Dreaming in Color by Fiona Lewis (Dreaming In Color - Young Adult Novel)
Narration-Mixed Gender Dialog-MissBee


All of the audio on this website was produced in Studio B, by Miss Bee.

SHORT FORM: Educational & Sales
Healthcare / Medical / Training / 
Commercials / Industrials

Miss Bee
Commercial Soft Mix (Miss Bee Demos)
Encyclopedia Brittanica Still Reigns
Nonfiction Business Narration - Miss Bee (Harvard Business Review)
Medical-Pharma-Healthcare --Miss Bee
[email protected] (medical narration)
Sequential Instructions
[email protected] (Directionals)



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Character Renactments

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Maternal, Authoritative, Urban, Wry and Sarcastic delivery. Character voices for females and males of all ages.
Accents - Southern, Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern. Specializing in girlish giggles.

* * *

Miss Bee was introduced to the world of professional narration while working as a studio monitor for the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in Louisville, Kentucky. While at APH Miss Bee was involved in the production of more than 450 Talking Books for the National Library Service of the Library of Congress.  Miss Bee, whose baccalaureate degree is in Mass Media Arts and Mass Communications, has been engaged in providing American Disability Act compliant audio services for the blind and print handicapped as both a vocation and avocation since the 1980s. 

She is responsible for introducing Spanish language programming for the blind during her tenure as a radio control board operator for the Georgia Radio Reading Service for the Blind and Print Handicapped (GARRS).  In addition to voicing, proofing, editing, mastering and publishing audio files via the Internet as audio books and eBooks, she also creates mp3 audio for eLearning, training, audio signage, tours and mp3 audio devices including CD and computer platforms. 

Currently, Miss Bee also hosts a monthly podcast that surveys the African-American press for the Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles (AIRS-LA).

* * *

Miss Bee records daily from her professionally equipped home studio. The studio is a hybrid of MAC and PC technology. The microphone used for your project will be selected based upon your narration requirements.

Services Offered

  • Narration
  • Copywriting
  • Character Voicing / Jingles
  • Audio Proofing
  • On-Site or Remote Performance
  • Custom Auditions  


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